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CCAMS is the Cornell University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Comprised primarily of Cornell meteorology majors, CCAMS holds monthly meetings to discuss/schedule club events such as forecasting activities, service opportunities, athletics events, and non-academic recreation. Chapter members participate in the Cornell WeatherPhone and other service activities related to severe weather safety and general weather awareness. Many chapter members also help plan alumni weekend and organize groups to attend national meteorology conferences. Alumni weekend is held every Spring and aims to form a closer relationships between current and former meteorology students at Cornell. The Chapter holds forecasting contests each semester and donates all proceeds to local charities. In addition, CCAMS holds regular social events ranging from parties to dinners with faculty members in Collegetown. If you would like more information about CCAMS feel free to contact one of the current officers.

Members of CCAMS are active in the broader Cornell and Ithaca community and participate together in some of the following events. Check out our calendar here.

CCAMS supports these activities and more through funding from the EAS department, internal fund-raising, alumni donations, and the Cornell SAFC.

CCAMS 2015-2016

2014-2015 Co-Presidents Gaige Kerr and Zack Labe are pictured with Spencer Ogden, winner of our 2014 Snowfall Competition.