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Bradfield Facts

Cornell’s Atmospheric Science department is located atop the eleven story tall Bradfield Hall. The tallest building in Tompkins County provides beautiful views of Cornell and the surrounding area as well as a great vantage point for observing local weather. All students from freshmen through graduate students utilize the resources that Bradfield has to offer. Cornell Meteorology shares the space with the Water Resources Institute and the Northeast Regional Climate Center.

Bradfield Hall was built in 1969, and was named after Professor Emeritus Richard Bradfield, an internationally recognized crop and soil scientist. In addition to housing the Atmospheric Science Department, Bradfield Hall is also home to the Department of Crop and Soil Science, Plant Breeding, and Genetics. Most of the laboratories in the building are climate controlled, and so the Bradfield was designed without windows on the first ten floors.

Take a look at some of the areas available to students in Bradfield!


There is one classroom on the 11th floor where most meteorology classes are taught. This room is equipped with a state of the art WACOM tablet, barometer, and spin tank. There are also maps and diagrams available for use in some of the lab exercises. Check out some of the courses offered by the department as well as some of the faculty and staff that teach them!


The Computer Lab is equipped with 25 iMac workstations and is open to atmospheric science students 24/7. Students have access to free printing. Linux workstations are equipped with meteorological visualization software including GrADS, McIDAS, and Bufkit. Cornell also runs it's own Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) model.


The department maintains a library of current and achieved academic journals. The reading room has a conference table layout, chalk boards and a plasma display with a Mac mini. In addition to being a nice place to read and study with great views of campus the reading also hosts smaller classes, office hours, and meetings.

Undergraduate Student Lounge/Forecasting Room

Located on the 10th floor this room is exclusively for students. Accessible 24/7 the lounge has 4 computers, a free printer, a couch and mini-fridge.