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An important element of Cornell Meteorology is the student club, the Cornell Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. The student club give students the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates outside of class as well as gain forecasting experience, give back to the community, and learn more about the field of atmospheric science. CCAMS has numerous forecasting opportunities including forecasting nights, social media, WxChallenge, and on-air broadcasting at ICTV. In addition to forecasting opportunities, members run community outreach events in local schools to educate and inspire interest about the weather.

In addition to offering services to the community the club also runs several programs geared towards members. Internship seminars, orientation events, and guest speakers are just some of the events the club sponsors. The club also supplements travel expensive to various conferences such as the AMS Annual Meeting, for those undergraduates presenting research as well as general members.

CCAMS members also participate in social events, and are active in a multitude of co-ed intramural sports including softball, basketball, and flag football. CCAMS also host an annual Alumni Weekend which brings alumni back to Ithaca from all parts of the country. This weekend is held every spring and aims to form a closer relationships between current and former meteorology students at Cornell.

This local chapter of the American Meteorological Society is extremely active at Cornell, so be sure check out the club’s main page, or contact one of our officers to get up to date information on the club’s activities. Also be sure to check out the latest issue of the club’s semesterly newsletter, Ithacation.