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Dr. Arthur DeGaetano

Associate Chair

Arthur DeGaetano

1119 Bradfield Hall



B Sc. Rutgers State University. 1984
M Sc. Rutgers State University. 1986
Ph D. Rutgers State University. 1989


Art DeGaetano is Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell. He is also the director of the federally-supported Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC)and Associate Chair of Earth and Atmospheric (EAS). The NRCC`s mission is to enhance the use and dissemination of climate information to a wide variety of sectors in the Northeast. Art serves as an editor for the American Meteorological Society Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. Art has been at Cornell since 1991 serving as the center`s Research Climatologist until 2001. Prior to his arrival at Cornell Art was an Assistant Professor with the Meteorology Department at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City. He received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. focusing on Climatology and Horticulture from Rutgers University in 1989.


My research focus can best be described as applied climatology. This involves the development of methods and data sets that provide climatological information to decision-makers in a variety of fields. Four more specific research areas make up this general focus, modeling climate influences on man-made and biological systems, documenting observed variations in the climate system, improving climate data quality and assessing climate impacts. Increasing, my research has focused on the impacts and adaptations to climate change

Outreach and Extension Focus

My outreach focus is through the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC). The NRCC is one of six federal centers that disseminates climate data, data products and decision tools to regional stakeholders. The NRCC is on the forefront of developing online data disemination systems that are in use nationally.

Instruction Focus

My teaching focuses on two main aspects. Foremost is my contribution to a nationally recognized undergraduate program in Atmospheric Science. In addition, I teach a increasingly popular general interest science course on Global Warming, EAS 268. I also teach two required AS courses, EAS 341, Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Hydrostatics, and EAS 447, Physical Meteorology.

Selected Publications