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Dr. Daniel Wilks

Director of Graduate Studies

Daniel Wilks

1104A Bradfield Hall





B Sc. Uiversity of California, Berkeley, 1975
M Sc. Uiversity of California, Berkeley, 1977
Ph D. Oregon State University, 1986


My work involves application of statistical methods to quantifying and dealing with uncertainty in meteorological and climatological data and forecasts, in a variety of contexts.


Much of my research during the past 5 years has related to forecast evaluation, ensemble forecasting, or both. Other areas in which I have worked are in the use and economic value of forecasts in formal decision-making models, "weather generators" (time-domain time series models for weather data), interpretation and use of long lead ("climate") forecasts, and studies of climate-change impacts.

Instruction Focus

My courses are: EAS 435 (Statistical Methods in Meteorology and Climatology), Fall terms; EAS 666 (Applied Multivariate Statistics), Spring terms, odd-numbered years; EAS 334 (Microclimatology) Spring terms, even-numbered years; and EAS 296 (Forecast Competition) Spring and Fall terms. Also, I am author of the textbook Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences.

Selected Publications