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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2012

CCAMS Minutes 4/13/12


A large crowd, comprising about 3/4 of the major, was present at today's meeting, impressing all in attendance. Nonetheless, the usual ratio of students to pizzas was maintained.

After ten minutes of chatter, the presidents called the meeting to order at 4:40. The impending 'CCAMS Dress-Up Day', an event with a proud and sporadic history, was the first order of business. It is scheduled for Thursday, and contingent upon interest will be followed by a dinner with professors at either a West Campus dining hall or C-town restaurant. Since a number of other campus events are also scheduled for Thurs. 4/19, notably Ron Paul's rally, the dinner might be postponed. A sign-up sheet was passed around. Everyone is expected to dress up next Thursday, or feel like a fool.

With the annual Alumni Weekend approaching (April 27-28), several high-ranking CCAMS officers appear worried at the lack of undergraduate enthusiasm, which is perhaps partly attributable to not having been exposed to its charms. About 15 (young-ish) alumni are coming and will socialize, share life wisdom, give career advice, &c. However, only five students have so far paid the requisite $20. What you get for your money can be easily found on the CCAMS website.

Officer elections will be held soon, likely next week. Nominate yourself or a friend, whoever you think would do a better job. Send the presidents a brief cover letter explaining what you like about CCAMS, what you don’t like want to improve, and why you think you (or the other person) would make a good secretary/treasurer/president. Note that, usually, two seniors act as co-presidents.

As prospective students are at present visiting and scouting out colleges, we at CCAMS intend to try to sway them by writing persuasive letters of grace and personal warmth. If you have written before, you can re-use your template. Contact the presidents for specific assignments.

The idea of a study session always seems a promising bonding experience, and it is hoped one can be arranged during study week, replete with procrastination aids of all sorts. Also during that week, Prof. Colucci is organizing an undergraduate research symposium. Seth, Alex, Josh, and Greg will be presenting, and anyone else who has participated in research in this department or any other is invited to give a brief (~5 minute) talk on the topic. Matt noted that for underclassmen it's a useful exposure to a broad slice of research.

Sarah is spearheading the effort to organize a CCAMS Relay For Life team out of charitable spirit. The event will run from 4 p.m. Sat. 4/21 to Sunday morning. The CCAMS team will have its own (collective) account as a fundraising arm, so no person will be embarrassed by failing to raise the necessary amount. Come trot around the track and feel good in the interval between prelims and finals.


Apparel (Jordan) -- Prices are the same as before; forms are due by Thurs. 4/19, with money to go in the envelope in 1125. CCAMS is ordering umbrellas, but needs an order of 25 to qualify in quantity, so a group effort is needed to reach that threshold. Umbrellas are about $12. Mugs/glasses, as usual, are in Wysocki's hands.

Ithacation (Molly) -- Submissions are due by Sun. 4/15. Shame on those who could write, but don't! Alumni and parents both like to see articles in print, even if they are only slightly more composed than stream-of-consciousness.

ICTV (Lee) -- He and David have been doing TV forecasts at the IC station for several semesters, but they are both graduating and need heirs. The responsibility entails drawing up and presenting forecasts (graphical and numerical) Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. It's a fair amount of commitment but excellent exposure to that application of the field. And they need us. Contact Lee lbc59 or David dac299 if interested, and come sit in on a session if you can.

Social (Garrett) -- A bowling event at Helen Newman is in the planning stages. Further information will follow shortly.

Lindsay (mug shots) -- She wants mug shots of the freshmen for the forthcoming poster in the back of 1102. If you don't send her something flattering, she will harvest pictures from Facebook.


David Dombek, Expert Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather, is coming to Cornell, probably next Thurs. 4/19, for the express purpose of improving the frosty relations between the Cornell atmospheric-science program and that company. Show up to impress him, or to express your distaste -- but show up either way.

Intramural sports are ongoing. Talk to any member of a team if you'd like to come participate in a game.

Sage, observing that groups at Cornell are jumping onto Facebook like frogs, presciently started a CCAMS group. Join.

Seniors are not exempt from requests for mug shots. This one comes from Pam, so you have to take it seriously.

**Meeting adjourned at 5:06. **

That concludes tonight's minutes. Good night to all. --- Colin Raymond, secretary