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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for September 26, 2013

CCAMS MEETING 2: September 26, 2013


Treasurer – Gaige
• Budget was reviewed for new banners, Weatherphone, Ithacation (more prints), weather demo supplies (prisms and tornado machines – more sophisticated than the bottle), Daily Sun Ads
• Thanks for helping with AG Day!
• Shot glasses and tall glasses are still available
• Exploratory committee for snowman contest – HELP! EMAIL GAIGE!
• Made $25 off snowfall contest on AG Day, we’ll table in Mann for that

Social Chair – Bonnie
• Thanks for coming to work out with us at the falls! And Happy Hour too!
• Potluck dinner with the professors – Oct. 4th… Cook things! Volunteers? Molly wants to make apple pies. Wysocki will burn hot dogs.
• Halloween movie night at Bradfield – bring in hot cocoa – not necessarily on Halloween
• Ideas to redecorate? EMAIL THAI! Tsm77

Social Media Chairs – Elisa and Zack
• Twitter account – will email account info this week to those who signed up
• Forecasting interests like Weatherphone? Partner-up with upperclassmen to learn…EMAIL US IF YOU’RE INTERESTED!
• Facebook is doing well! Keep it up!

AMS Conference – Saturday – Thursday
• COSTS- Flight about $290 round trip: Friday 1/31 to Friday 2/7
• We can book for the same flight…can we get a group rate?
• $25 for student conference by JAN 14TH / AMS conference $165 until DEC 2

Ithacation Chair – Molly
• She sent an email last night (and another one after the meeting)
• We need submissions! Interviews, internships from the summer, get the freshman to write! New student page!

Forecasting Chair – Colin
• Weatherphone – when? Probably a few weeks
• Last called for WX Challenge – SUNDAY 8PM! $3
• Still thinking about forecasting group
• Daily Sun is dead to us – they’re not responding to us

Internship Seminar – Oct/Nov when are you thinking about summer internships? This is when upperclassmen will do presentations on internships they’ve had so other students can get connected and learn about meteorology in the workplace!

Web Chairs – Molly and Carolina
• Molly has been making a list
• Need to update faculty directory, main page has out of date pictures on it
• Wysocki will talk to Marty about it

Education Chair – Aaron
• He emailed volunteer coordinator at a middle school, will call her soon
• Probably do a Friday afternoon group visit for our presentations, avoiding Prelims
• He’s searching around science center for family/kid oriented demos

Intramural Chair – Tom
• Only the sports we want to do – so no football
• We have enough guys for volleyball – could use girls!
• We want a captain! Someone who knows how to play volleyball
• Some interest in 3 on 3 basketball
• Later we’ll do ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball
• Reddit social media website: ask me anything? Cornell Astronomy did one… so we might want to do it too! Answer strangers questions on the internet (about the weather, nothing inappropriate)

Alumni Chair – Matt
• No updates

Apparel Chair – Elisa
• New items? Maybe hats, pullstring backpacks, caps
• Ask about ordering umbrellas for graduation again
• DESIGNS! Before we leave here for break – want to vote on designs, will order apparel after break