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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for October 23, 2014

CCAMS General Body Meeting 2

Welcome Everyone!

Professor Toby Ault, a new faculty member in our department, gave a presentation on a new course on Tropical Meteorology that is geared toward undergraduates as well as graduate students in the department.

Our annual snowfall contest has started and has been very successful in the past. Each participant can predict when the first inch of snowfall will occur and is allowed up to 5 prediction dates. It is $1 for one guess and $5 for a consecutive 7-period. 50% of the proceeds will go to the winner and the other 50% of the proceeds will go
to Loaves and Fishes (the Ithaca Soup Kitchen). Our current goal is to surpass $120.

Ithacation is our department newsletter. It is distributed to all alumni and current students and faculty in the department. We are looking for more submissions about any summer internships or anything else that you are interested in.

We have a special guest speaker, Ben Chantz from ALL4 Inc. (a Cornell Alumni from 2008) who will be giving a lecture on his profession and will be recruiting students interested in his work. The lecture will be located in Emerson Hall Room 135 on Friday, October 31 at 4pm.

We discussed the AMS 95th Annual Meeting, which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from January 4-8, 2015. We are looking for a headcount for those interested in coming. There are chances to network, meet other students, and attend lectures and presentations.

Carolina B – Website Chair

I am currently in the process of updating the internship page and would like more people to email me a blurb about their summer internships.

Aaron Match – Education and Outreach Chair

We are planning a trip to the Dewitt Middle School to do a weather-related presentation/demonstration.

Zack Labe and Carolina B

We are working with an EMS representative at Cornell to get Cornell StormReady. A NOAA NWS Storm Spotter representative is coming to Cornell and will be offering a spotter training class. We encourage everyone to attend. We are hoping to help Cornell to continue to update its storm ready program.