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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for January 29, 2015

CCAMS First General Body Meeting of the Semester

Welcome Everyone!

We hope to see you all in New Orleans next year for the AMS Conference!

Sign up if you are interested in Intramural Volleyball!

Forecasting Night – Thursday, Feb. 5 at 7pm focusing on winter weather phenomenon that affect this region.

Photo of the month – send a photo of any interesting weather even to Carolina to post on the CCAMS website.

CV and Resume Workshop – Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 6pm there will be a peer led workshop geared towards the Earth Sciences.

Annual Alumni Weekend – April 24-26; everyone is welcome to attend. Emails will be sent out soon with more information.

New attendance policy – if you attend 75% of CCAMS events your ticket price to Alumni Weekend will be reduced to $20 as opposed to $35

Ithacation is the newsletter for our department. It is distributed to all alumni, current students, and faculty in EAS. Submission deadline: March 23, 2015! Possible articles topics: AMS conference, winter weather, book/movie reviews, interviews, etc.

Northeastern Storms Conference – March 6-8, 2015 in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you are interested contact the presidents!

2015 Weather Model Calendars are available for purchase.

Matt G – Treasurer
We need more fundraising ideas so please email me with more ideas. We are trying to purchase more weather tools and science books to use for our Outreach events.

Carolina B – Website/Emergency Management Chair
I am currently in the process of updating the internship page and would like more people to email me a blurb about their summer internships. I am updating the website in general. I added a weather safety tab. I want to make weather safety videos to raise awareness and educate the Cornell Community. The local EMS officials really encourage us making these preparedness videos. We would like to have professors include weather safety advertisements in their lecture slides. Is there interest in adding a weather/forecasting resources page? Email me with any questions or comments you have regarding the website. Regarding EMS, I have been meeting with local EMS officials to work on improve the storm ready program to help inform the Cornell community. In terms of social media, we are thinking of doing a weather radio give away. Email me if you want to get more involved with posting weather forecasts on Facebook and Twitter.

Elisa Raffa – Apparel
Email me if you want to order CCAMS apparel. We are looking for new designs! We are hoping to have the apparel before Alumni Weekend. Relay for Life is April 10th and I created a team for CCAMS so please register and start raising money.
Below are the links to register for the University event as well as the CCAMS team:

Register for Relay for Life

Register for the CCAMS Relay for Life team

Aaron Match – Education and Outreach Chair
We are planning a trip to the Dewitt Middle School to do a weather-related presentation/demonstration. If you have any science lessons begin to think about those so that we can plan a trip to a school to give demonstrations. We will be planning an Expand your Horizons event this spring with some middle schools. Mondays are the most convenient days to go and give a demonstration. It will be a one-hour program from 3:30-4:30pm. We will explore forecasting and help them develop a weather club. We can teach them what storms look like from different viewpoints as well as how to assemble forecasts.