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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for March 26, 2015

Alumni Weekend Dues
- Due TOMORROW (3/27)
- Pay Pam (1123 Bradfield) or Zack & Gaige
- Members who have attended 75% of events qualify for $20, others $35
- Many alumni have RSVP’d so far…sure to be a great weekend!

- Articles due TOMORROW (3/27) and are really needed!
- Need time to get to publisher and want to put together over spring break
- Were given extra space this time that needs to be filled up
- Write about anything you want!

Northeastern Storms Conference
- Happened over weekend of March 6th, several CCAMS members attended
- Lots of fun & lots of things learned
- Shared stories about event
- Some presented research and met big names in meteorology
- Good experience to present, look into it if you do research
- Met Louis Ucellini and Jim Cantore!

Movie Night
- A great success!
- Watched The Day After Tomorrow

Outreach – Aaron Match
- Went to Dewitt Middle School and spoke to kids about weather, did activities and had kids write what they know about weather to put in Ithacation
- Expand Your Horizons – Event focused on engaging middle school girls in science
Looking into it, so stay tuned!

- Had to forfeit, unfortunately – next game after spring break
Social – Elisa Raffa
- Apparel – want to order umbrellas, but need more people
- Relay for Life: We’ve raised lots of money, happening April 10th and can still sign up
- Props to Jeff for raising the most money!

Treasurer – Matt
- Needed to do an audit, in the future it’s important to keep records
- Talk to Matt if you need money back
- Library – We got funding for books, which are now in 1101!
*Notable book is “Eloquent Science” – check it out
- Heads up that business office where you go to receive reimbursements is in Bruckner Hall

Weather Safety Initiatives & Website - Carolina
- Weather safety video is done – SO MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED! Carolina is very grateful
- Need people to table at P&C Fresh on Saturday, April 11th, will be distributing weather safety materials
*From 11-4
*Let Carolina know if you want to help
*Especially need people to drive

- Let Carolina, Zack or Gaige know if you want to help out with the Facebook page
- Planning on adding forecasting resources page to website, updating faculty photos, and updating the forecasting page
- Contact Carolina if you see anything that needs to be fixed