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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2015

o Pay them!
o $20 to Shaun, Carolina, Matt, or Sahri

CCAMS Happenings
o Homecoming Tabling
• Hurricane hunter beanbag toss?!
o EAS Picnic
• With the department, food, faculty, mingling
o Apple Fest
• Nice way to interact with the community
o Football Game
• Almost won….

Bake Sale (Jeff Fralick)
o Tabling event in Mann tomorrow (Oct. 9th)
o From 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
o Need baked goods and volunteers

AMS Membership
o Great idea to have!
o Special student rate: $20 a year
o Going to the conference, have to have this

AMS Conference
o Looking into hotel reservations soon
o Alumni donations have been received with more on the way!
o Deadlines
• AMS Travel Grant: October 9th (TOMORROW)
• CALS Alumni Association Grants: November 30th

Department Seminars
o 3:30PM in Snee 2146
• Each week about different research projects regarding EAS
o Brown Bag Seminars
• Fridays at 3:00PM
• Natalie Mahowald sends emails about this
• More informal

Meet-Up with Hobart & William Smith AMS Chapter
o Planning a trip to the National Weather Service with the Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Geo Club
o Stay tuned!

Backboard of 1102!
o We will be adding blurbs and pictures for the new CCAMS members to the backboard
o Send Shaun and Carolina a blurb about yourself to the club ASAP
• Used in the next issue of Ithacation
• Send blurb in Jess at
o Changing the other board
• Tell ideas to Shaun and Carolina!

3D Print a Weather Station
o Every Monday at 9:00PM in Conference Room in Becker House on West Campus
o Maybe can create your own weather station

Intramural Volleyball
o Co-ed
o On Wednesday Nights at 7:30PM or 8:30PM
o Tuesday Night team?

Forecasting Night
o Next one will be Friday 10/16 on 5:00PM
o Will be discussing long range forecasting

Victoria Cavaliere (Broadcasting Chair)
o Broadcasting nights!
• Every Wednesday 4:30PM to 5:30PM
• Next week, we will be forecasting outside!
o Visit to ICTV soon!

Jessica Hubbard (Secretary)
o Ithacation
• Send your articles to
• Send in by the end of October
• Freshman, need your blurbs

Thai Munroe (Social Chair)
o Pumpkin picking
o Happy Hour Friday 10/16 around 9-10PM
o Have any ideas for social events? Let Thai, Carolina, or Shaun know!

Ethan Burwell (Education Outreach Chair)
o Campus
• Eco Fest was a success
• Homecoming
o Community
• Apple fest was on October 4th
o Club
• Weather Discovery Sessions
• Sessions to find out career paths and other things
o Pre-Winter Campaign
• Winter weather videos
• Inform people of winter weather safety
o Children
• Activities with local schools
• Assisting schools with starting weather clubs
• DeWitt Middle School
o Contact Ethan if you would like to be involved!
• Building a flood tank
• Want to help Ethan? Send him an email at

o All about you guys!
o Let us know about any of your ideas!

Meeting Adjourned