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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for February 4, 2016

• The first meeting of the Spring 2016 semester!

• Introductions

o AMS reimbursements
• Give Sahri receipts if you haven’t ASAP
• See Matt’s email about reimbursement breakdown
• Everyone will be getting most of their money back ☺

o Northeastern Storm Conference
• In Saratoga Springs, NY run by Lyndon State College
• First weekend of March (Friday 3/4 – Sunday 3/6)
• Smaller version of the AMS conference
• Attendance at the conference will be paid out of pocket
• Let Shaun or Carolina know if you are interested!
• (Do so soon because the price goes up after Feb 5th!)

o Trip to NWS Binghamton
• Planning a trip there!
• Please sign up if you would like to attend or email Carolina or Shaun
• Should be about 5 hours at most
• Once a date has been chosen, Carolina and Shaun will let you guys know about a car pool list

o Budget!
• Let Matt know by TONIGHT (2/4) if you will need any club related things that costs money this semester
• Budget is being submitted TOMMOROW

o Lacrosse Team Forecasts – Mandy Powell
• Used to send forecasts to the team
• We want to get this going again
• Contact Mandy (alp96) if you are interested in being a part of this!

o Interested in making weekly forecasts??
• Looking for students to run the CCAMS Facebook page!
• Also looking for people to run the Twitter page as well!
• Want to help? Email Shaun! (sth79)

o Snowfall Contest Update – Jeff Fralick!
• We raised $82!
• No winners this year ☹
• Money will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund
• Looking for availability of people for bake sales in Mann
• Jeff will send out reminders about that

o Alumni Weekend – Grffin Mooers
• Weekend where we invite all the alumni back
• Events sets
• Friday Night Cocktail Hour
• Saturday Morning Career Panel
• Saturday Afternoon Barbeque
• Dates are NOW 4/15 – 4/17
• Students need to pay $20
• Let Griffin know if you have any suggestions!

o CCAMS event – Cornell Hockey
• Planning to attend a Cornell hockey game before the season ends
• Either the 26th or 27th of February
• Once a day has been chosen, Shaun and Carolina will send out an email to see who wants to go!

o Broadcasting Nights – Victoria Caveliere
• They are now Mondays 4:45 – 5:45 pm
• Meet in Bradfield 1101
• Everyone needs to bring their own slides
• Victoria has a template if you need it!
• We figured out the green screen yay!
• These will be filmed
• Semi-professional attire is recommended if you plan on using the footage for a reel
• Different kinds of weather every week
• Planning a trip to ICTV again
• Potentially a trip to WCBS-NY

o Forecasting Nights – Brett Wiley
• Let Brett know what days work best for you
• First forecasting night will be about Winter Storm Jonas
• Any suggestions? Let Brett, Carolina, or Shaun know!

o Education Outreach – Ethan Burwell
• Recap of events we have already done
• Cornell Eco Fall Fest tabling
• Cornell Homecoming Tailgate
• Ithaca Apple Festival
• Carolina Elementary 3rd Graders
• Fall Creek Elementary 3rd Graders
• This semester already
• Cornell Spring Clubfest
• What is in store
• Lansing Middle School STEAM Day
o February 20th
• Collaboration with eco-groups
• Ag Day sometime in March
• April 30th: Expand Your Horizons
• Applying to become a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador
• Want to get involved? Email Ethan (ecb99)

o CCAMS Apparel – Chris Dickson
• We order CCAMS apparel each year, so don’t miss out on your cool Wx gear!
• Chris is accepting suggestions

o Secretary - Jess Hubbard
• Professional headshots
• Poll will be sent out, respond if interested!
• Video about why we love weather!
• Want to be involved? Respond to the poll that will be sent out or let Jess (jnh76) know!
• Ithacation
• Want help Jess out? Send her an email!

Meeting adjourned