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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2011

First CCAMS meeting of the year!

Meeting called to order at 5:04. Standard introductions were made, with "favorite chick flick" included.

The presidents mentioned a need for two committee chairs; Carolyn can help whoever does apparel, and Dan Zarrow can help whoever is webmaster, though he'll be leaving soon. Jeff volunteered to fill the post, which mainly will consist of fleshing out content rather than coding.

The presidents brought up the issue of an internship seminar, which was well-received. Anyone who had academic or professional experience over the summer is welcome to present. Garrett suggested this could be in conjunction with SES, although they will hold their own research symposium next week.

Chair introductions followed:

Lindsey is the "travel agent", mostly to the AMS conference in New Orleans. Those going will leave the night of Jan. 20 and return the 26th or 27th. Because of the cost, plans should be made now. Most people go as juniors but one can go as often as one can afford. Some funding opportunities are available, as are fact sheets prepared by Lindsey. Contact lrc52.

Kevin briefed the club on forecasting news. Weatherphone will be starting soon, with .5 S/U credit if there is demand therefor. Forecasts are made weekday afternoons; lead forecasters are needed to assist rookies. Athletics forecasting for field hockey and M & W soccer is also getting underway. Sign-up sheets were circulated for both activities. After demotion last semester, Daily Sun forecasting might resume, as about eight people indicated interest, contingent on the Sun's reinstating daily forecasts. Matt vouched for the value of the experience, though hour-long trips to the Sun's downtown office are necessary. WxChallenge enrollment forms were distributed; five people at least are needed for Cornell to save face. Forecasts are made M-R. Contact kaf73.

Nikki summed up recent outreach experiences in the Lansing schools. This year she is targeting area science fairs, and at this point in the semester is looking for general interest. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Contact nmd46.

Molly talked about her goals for Ithacation, our newsletter. Mainly, she would like interviews with people in various meteorology-related fields. Upperclassmen's contacts should be leveraged to find suitable subjects. All former interns are encouraged to compose a brief article for an internship issue. The first issue will probably be in Oct. or Nov., with a goal of three per year. Contact mbs244.

David, as treasurer, reminded the club that everyone owes dues of $20 for the year. These support pizza at meetings, intramural sports (e.g. flag football, which is recruiting now), and other activities. They must be paid by Oct. 1 — give them to David or leave them in 1125 Bradfield. He also mentioned a broadcast position at ICTV. The meteorologist(s) will prepare a show, with graphics, &c., and present it at 7 and 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact dac299.

Garrett began with Sarah's proposal of freshman/senior and sophomore/junior social events. The upperclassmen seemed particularly enthusiastic. The idea of a potluck-style dinner with professors at a member's apartment, rather than at a restaurant, seemed to have universal currency. Ideas for other activities, such as trips, were solicited.

*** Meeting adjourned ***