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CCAMS Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2012

**Meeting called to order at 4:35.**

Matt and Sarah distributed a survey asking what people enjoy about CCAMS presently and what they would like to see in the future in terms of academic and social programming. This occupied eight minutes, at the end of which Ted declined Sarah's invitation to perform an interpretive dance.

Matt announced that he, Sarah, and whoever else is interested will be giving a short presentation at RPCC on Friday the 23rd to explain to freshmen who expected snow why there is none. Perhaps this will break the curse and awaken the great snow-blower in heaven.

Kevin (WeatherPhone) is searching for interest in that, as well as in athletic forecasting, which we do for four teams. A sign-up sheet was distributed.

Molly (Ithacation) wants people who went to the conference to recap their experiences and opinions for the AMS issue. She also would appreciate general topical musings and interviews, and even noted that memes will not be rejected out of hand. There might be an Alumni Weekend issue in April, depending on willingness.

Conferences: Sarah and Matt both lauded their time in New Orleans and recommended the Building 20 atmosphere there, especially for those looking at jobs and grad school. The NE Storms Conference will be held in Burlington March 3-5, and will likely see a Cornell contingent. If you want to go, talk to the presidents and/or Wysocki.

Nikki (Outreach) noted that Seth is organizing educational visits to schools, and also Newark Valley Middle School requested assistance on research projects. Anyone interested in future participation, no matter how little, is encouraged to contact her, and will receive an email within several weeks.

Ron (Sports) oversees both Men's and Co-Rec basketball, on Tuesdays and Sundays, respectively. The discovery that faculty and staff are eligible sent a wave of anticipation through the assembly.

Garrett (Social Events) is considering or planning several types of events, including potentially movies, paintball, and bowling.

Matt proposed 'group tutoring' for freshmen on first-year subjects deemed more strenuous, specifically Calc II. This was met with muted enthusiasm.

Jordan (Apparel) is trying to order exact replicas of Wysocki's glasses (for the mouth, not the eyes). Also, he will place orders for shirts and umbrellas if there is sufficient demand.

**Meeting dismissed at 5:03.**