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CCAMS Officers are elected each spring for the following academic year. Committee Chairs are selected by the Co-Presidents. Officer meetings are generally held just before regular CCAMS meetings. If you are interested in running for an officer position, or want more information on CCAMS activities, contact one of the Presidents or the appropriate Committee Chair.

2016-2017 Co-Presidents

Ashley Merzon (avm47) & Amanda Powell (alp96)


Marc Alessi (mja244)


Griffin Mooers (gm447)

Committee Chairs

Education and Outreach: Ian Breslow (irb4)

Forecasting Chair: Marc Alessi (mja244)

Web Media Chair: Karen Papazian (kp374)

Social Chair: Jacqueline Poglodek (jp785)

Broadcasting Chair: Victoria Cavaliere (vrc23)

Alumni Weekend Chair: Griffin Mooers (gm447)

Apparel Chair: Stephanie Lin (sl828)

Fundraising Chair: Jeffrey Fralick (jpf237)